Category: Manufacturing

Very Fine Pitch Wire Bonding: Re-Examining Wire, Bonding Tool and Wire Bonder Interrelationships for Optimum Process Capability

TASA ID: 4595

Through continuous improvements, wire bonding remains the dominant interconnection method. The demand to reduce die size and increase functionality (conserving valuable silicon real estate and increasing the number of interconnects) continues. This has accelerated a decrease in the pitch and size of interconnects. Today’s leading edge production devices are gold ball bonded with 60 mm (bond pad) pitch and wedge bonded with 50 mm pitch. In the near future, gold ball bonding will approach 40 mm pitch and wedge bonding will approach 30 mm. As the pitch and size of the interconnections (bond pads) have decreased, the interrelationship of the various process inputs on each other has increased.

Economic Damage Claims in the Entertainment Industry - Speculative or Beyond a Reasonable Certainty

TASA ID: 3919

The large majority of lawsuits that involve individuals in the entertainment industry revolve around lost wages or fees.  These claims often allege millions of dollars in lost earnings depending on the role the person plays within the industry.  Given the exorbitant amount that some actors, writers, directors and producers earn, it's easy to understand how often these claims get made.  However, the operative word in this scenario is some.
Category: Linguistics

When a Lawyer Needs a Linguist

TASA ID: 1475

When does a lawyer need a linguist?  As Roger Shuy, one of the most pre-eminent forensic linguists has observed, the interpretation and application of the law are overwhelmingly about language.  Thus, there are many situations in which the expertise of a linguist - someone trained in the precise description and analysis of language (but not necessarily a person who knows many languages) - can make substantial contributions to a case..

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