Overcrowding Blamed for NYC Subway Passenger's Fatal Fall

TASA ID: 1013

A 63-year-old woman fell from a subway platform located at the intersections of 74th Street, Broadway and Roosevelt Avenue, Queens, New York. She landed on the subway tracks, her head struck one of the rails and she sustained a fatal injury. The plaintiff's counsel alleged that the New York City Transit Authority negligently failed to ensure the safety of the platform passengers.

Who Is Responsible for Worker Injuries at Loading Docks?

TASA ID: 625

Whenever people and trucks are in close proximity, the area becomes very hazardous. In most cases, but not all, those that are doing the loading or unloading, as well as pedestrians, can be the losers. Generally, loading and/or unloading involves a great deal of people, goods and machinery, often on a raised platform or loading dock.   There are a number of standards and regulations designed to limit the number of hazards workers are exposed to on loading docks.

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