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If I were charged with the task of hiring a fire investigator for my company or firm, I would start out looking for individuals that have aspired to better themselves through education and have attained certifications. But there is more to the process than just earning a piece of paper in 40 hours. I would need to evaluate each person’s experience. It seems it would be a better business decision to hire a company or individual with credentials AND experience to handle my potential subrogation case.

Fire and Explosion: When Expertise Matters

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A 14-year old was accused of endangerment by exploding an incendiary device.  An incendiary device is a bomb that is designed to start fires.  The teenager learned how to create this device while surfing the internet - the instructions told how to build THE WORKS BOMB by using aluminum foil, a commercial toilet cleaner, and an emptied soda bottle.

The teenager’s behavior was immature and potentially dangerous, but fortunately, it took place in a large open space with no one else in attendance; therefore, no one was injured.  However, the police were alerted and arrested the young perpetrator on the spot.

Interviewing and Timeline Skills Your Fire Investigation Expert Needs

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During investigation of a fire, information comes from all around the investigator, who should have a way of assembling and ordering it when the smoke clears (literally) in order to successfully determine the origin and cause of a fire. At a fire scene there is limited time to collect witness statements and details from examination of the scene.  A fire investigator may be at the scene with other investigators, but the opinion formed needs to be solely his or hers. Investigators must take the time to push out the clutter of everyone around them and put everything in its place. 

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