If You Know It, Disclose It!

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There are so many factors related to disclosure of material and latent facts when it comes to real estate.  The more the buyer knows about the property they are buying in the beginning, the easier the transaction can happen. Opposed to finding out later, which a closing may not come to fruition.


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Virtually every one of my dozen plus cases of wrongful death and/or serious injury has occurred in troubled, older strip centers that have gone through several different ownerships. Only one case has involved a major mall REIT as owner. This fact alone tells me that these centers are usually not professionally operated or managed. 

Business Incubation Programs

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The purpose of this report is: 1) to raise awareness of how business and technology incubation programs have succeeded across the country, and 2) to better understand how new incubators might be developed as thriving engines of regional and economic growth.

Information presented in this report was taken from several sources: 1) phone interviews with directors of business incubators and industry consultants from across the United States, 2) Business Incubators'


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Key Trends in Green Development & Investment

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The purpose of this paper is to focus attention on important trends that are occurring and will continue to influence:
  • Increasing real estate development and investment in green, and
  • Growing market demand and value of sustainable projects.

The points highlighted in this paper are culled from presentations and discussions with industry leaders in real estate, finance, architecture and construction, at the 2008 Urban Land Institute (ULI) conference on sustainability.

“Green” topics are currently a focus of almost every industry and the media. At the same time, it is hoped that the trends presented in this paper will provide a unique perspective of further value, development and investment in sustainable and green projects, over the next 10 to 20 years.

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Real Estate Agent Standards of Care:

Agency Duties and Requirements

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This article discusses the four major configurations of real estate agency relationships between residential real estate buyers and real estate agents in the United States. The goal of the article is twofold: First, the roles and duties of the agent can be (and are often) transitory and based on the properties considered for purchase, representation and disclosure requirements that can be changed to the detriment of the buyers. Second, each state has individual real estate agency structures that provide differing disclosure requirements and agent representation options.

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