Category: Real Estate

Fraud and Litigation Involving Real Estate Closings, Closing Protection Letters, and Title Insurance Industry Standard Practices and Procedures

TASA ID: 322

In the mortgage origination frenzy of the last few years, many problems occurred in the closing of loans that never should have been closed.  The mortgage banking and mortgage lending industries rely upon the expertise of title insurance companies to make sure that mortgage loan closings are carried out properly...
Category: Real Estate

Sales and Listing Market Trends in San Diego

TASA ID: 3250

On the local front, the underlying fundamentals for a strong housing (price) recovery have been in progress for the last 15-18 months. The pricing and velocity of home sales from the sell side most strongly relate to the simple economic equilibrium of supply and demand. The second variable that is of great importance is the employment situation. Fortunately, this is an area where San Diego is well ahead of the curve.

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