Preliminary Profile Screening Report

** The Preliminary Profile Screening Report should be ordered prior to the EP360 reports **

The Preliminary Profile Screening Report delivers a snapshot of an expert's testimonial history, showing you how often the expert has testified in the past. It can help you decide if you need to order the full EP360. The report is drawn from numerous public databases that include the number of times the expert's name was found in the following:  

  • Affidavits and Reports
  • Daubert/Frye Expert Witness Challenges
  • Curricula Vitae and Resumes
  • Dockets
  • Federal Agency Decisions
  • Jury Verdict Reports
  • Motions
  • Pleadings
  • Briefs
  • Orders
  • Opinions
  • State Agency Decisions
  • Transcripts and Depositions

The Preliminary Profile Screening Report is available in 2 business days. 

COST: $25.00 - can be applied to the cost of a CHR 2.0 or an EP360 when ordering those reports


Contact Sales at TASA via email or by phone 800-523-2319 for more information.

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