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TASconsulting has worked with companies and organizations of all sizes, across most industries, giving us an opportunity to place consultants in a wide array of short- and long-term projects.

Our case studies illustrate the variety of requests that TASconsulting receives on a daily basis, as well as our ability to provide consultants who meet our clients’ needs.

  • A large, multinational corporation engaged TASconsulting to find an independent consultant to review and assess the scope and potential relevance of the company’s patent portfolio to the retail and finance industry. After working with the client and refining the search, TASconsulting placed an independent consultant with over forty years of experience developing, marketing, and implementing advanced financial and retail technology.

  • A mid-sized international manufacturer of brass casings for ammunition engagedTASconsulting to find an experienced, independent professional to appraise and evaluate the machinery used in its U.S. plant. TASconsulting placed a heavy equipment and appraisal specialist, with over thirty years of analysis experience.

  • A union representing municipal employees engaged TASconsulting to find an unbiased professional to review and evaluate various health insurance proposals prior to entering contract negotiations. TASconsulting provided the union with an independent consulting actuary, specializing in healthcare, with particular emphasis on FASB-106 valuations, managed care contract negotiations, litigation, and pricing.

  • A venture capital firm engaged TASconsulting seeking a consultant with knowledge of the methods for manufacturing polysilicon, which is used in solar cells and semiconductors. TASconsulting provided the venture capital firm a polysilicon expert with over 20 years of experience and more than half a dozen patents.

  • An international intellectual property licensing company engaged TASconsulting to analyze and evaluate a potential investment in a patent portfolio.

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