Boating Accident Gasoline Explosion- 32 Foot Aluminum Cruiser

TASA ID: 674

The information contained in the documents reviewed indicates the following:  The lower decking and floors were blown upwards by overpressure in the bilge area, and the upper deck was blown away from the center of the boat.  There was melted wiring insulation in the vicinity of the electric water heater forward of the non-tight bulkhead located under the cabin floor, indicating that flames were present in the vicinity of the water heater.

What's Your H2O (Safety) IQ?: How well can you answer these 20 boating and water safety questions?

TASA ID: 1723

1. [a] How many drowning deaths occur in the U.S. annually?

In 2014, the total went down to about 4,000 per the National Safety Council. In 1980, there were 8,000 drownings nationally.

Why: CPR, *PFDs - improved life jackets, EMS, **ETH-updated information about alcohol/aquatic dangers. But much more can be and needs to be done.*(Personal Flotation Devices-Life Jackets) ** (Ethanol-Grain alcohol, as in beverages)

Marine Disaster: Thirteen People Died When Boat Sunk Due To Small Deficiencies

TASA ID: 674

After 7 minutes in the water, the "Miss Majestic" sunk in less than half a minute in 51 feet of water, resulting in 13 deaths.  The "duck" has one engine that drives both sets of wheels and the propeller shaft.  Two days before the accident, the driver noticed water in the bilges and took the "duck" to the shop.  After the accident, it was found that the rubber seal of one of the shafts was improperly installed, allowing it to leak water into the bilges, but the "duck" was not tested after it left the shop, prior to the accident.

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