Causes of Inadvertent Disclosure of Privileged Documents and Strategies for Protecting Privileged Documents


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There is an inherent difficulty in keeping privileged documents and especially work product in e-discovery. This problem can cause the most serious damages to litigants, and consequences including anything from direct loss of cases to protracted procedural complications are reflected in a large number of cases. Each time when a privileged document is leaked, there is no real remedy. Clawing-back documents gives the producing party only a right to stop the receiving party from using the leaked documents directly. However, nothing can stop the receiving party from collecting information from other sources to strengthen its case by using the leaked documents as road maps. One should expect that the receiving party will keep copies of leaked documents for reference and may use them to cross-check anything affecting its case. Therefore, this problem must be addressed seriously. I will discuss what the main cause for the frequent leaking of privileged documents.

Small Firm, Big Technology


When you think of a small firm, what words come to mind? Compactfrugal and budget could be some examples. When you compare large and medium firms to small firms, one would assume the smaller firm is constantly trying to catch up to the larger firm. This statement may have been true ten years ago, but not today. When you step outside the box, you will find that smaller firms are steps ahead of the larger ones.

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Do you know what your case is worth? Does opposing counsel know? In the beginning stages of a legal suit, your answer is often "No." Plaintiff's counsel creates the value of a case when preparing the complaint. Thereafter, defense counsel completes a review of the materials and evaluates the claim based on the information and documentation initially provided.

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