How to Rein in the AI Threat? Let the Lawyers Loose.

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55% of Americans are worried by the threat of AI to the future of humanity, according to a recent Monmouth University poll. In an era where technological advancements are accelerating at breakneck speed, it is crucial to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) development remains in check. As AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, it is high time we address potential legal and ethical implications.

Police Officers Duty to Intervene

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Police departments in the United States are currently dealing with many issues including appropriate “use of force,” “defunding issues” and whether or not to intervene on another officer’s actions which is called “duty to intervene.” Since many recent encounters involving police officers’ actions have resulted in deaths and serious injuries, these responsibilities and actions have come into the public awareness and are undergoing a great deal of scrutiny. Questions have arisen regarding if their actions are justified, or if the other police officers on the scene had a duty to intervene. The George Floyd case is one of the most notable ones involving police actions and non-interventions, but unfortunately there are many others.

Why is One House Broken into Over Another?

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Within the world of personal, individual or family security, there are many activities that take place each week that appear to be normal daily operations, but in fact expose us to loss of property, information and overall security.  Many individuals engaging in illegal activities look for the easy mark or soft targets and will most likely take the path of least resistance.  Below is our discussion of areas in our personal lives where we can recognize the opportunities provided and work to divert the criminal further down the path of least resistance.

Burnout in the Security Industry

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Stress and burnout are emerging as possibly the biggest threats to the security industry.  Long hours, coupled with “alert overload” along with a perceived unfavorable opinion of business value are taking a toll on the industry.  One of the reasons for this is that since security does not produce revenue it is considered a “cost center.”  Security operations may negatively affect profitability and throughout the years have been considered a “necessary expense” of doing business.  One of the ways good security was explained in the retail industry years ago was, what you don’t see on the monthly P & L (Profit and Loss Statement).  Organizations tend to “forget” about security until something “bad” happens and many times, “bad” things happen because of security employee stress and/or security employee burnout.  It doesn’t matter whether security is in-house or outsourced, burnout remains the same. Security is a profession that requires strict attention to detail and focused attention at all times.  Many times, complacency will cause those working in the industry to miss important indicators or clues that there is a security issue.  Accountability is a key factor.  It doesn’t matter whether or not security personnel have limited security experience or are seasoned veterans, accountability in the security industry remains the same. 


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