Helpful e-Discovery Tips

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Throughout the years I have been asked my advice on what to do and what not to do when it comes to e-Discovery matters. It was only recently on social media that I decided to post some of the advice that I had given out to many. By no means is this an extensive list; however, these tips will help with general inquiries you may have, especially when it comes to cases.

Using e-Discovery Technology to Avoid Inadvertent Disclosure

TASA ID: 4285

There have been many articles written on the topic of inadvertent disclosure of privileged information  in litigation, but in Legal Support Partners (LSP) and TASA’s practice of providing e-Discovery services, there are still mistakes being made in how technology is used (or not) in the identification of privileged documents in electronically stored information (ESI). For this reason, it might be helpful to describe some of the e-Discovery tools that can be leveraged to identify privileged communication within a company’s ESI collection to reduce the risk of inadvertent disclosure . . .
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New Trends in Wire Bond Packaging

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As new high-speed products with ever-increasing capabilities are developed and introduced into the market, new advanced IC packaging designs and methods also must be developed to meet these new products’ requirements. New advanced packages are being designed to maximize I/O numbers, minimize wire bond loop length, and provide System-In-Package (SiP) performance. Stacked die packages, providing (SiP) performance, are already the mainstream of cellular phone manufacturing. Wire bonded Lead-On-Chip (LOC, FBGA) packages are the largest production volume portion of the DDR I memory market, and will be the dominant package type through the DDR II generation1

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