The Current Commercial Mortgage Market

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In an environment of over demand and under supply, mortgage lenders can "pick and choose" which loans they want to fund while imposing tighter underwriting standards.  We have witnessed that since 2009.  While becoming a little more liberal, that underwriting trend will continue for some time.  Low interest rates and more liberal underwriting standards will undoubtedly benefit many properties, but they can't overcome the real problem for many CMBS borrowers.

Insights and Updates from a Commercial Appraiser Real Property Broker Expert

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Of course the answer to the question "will building energy disclosure laws affect real property value" is yes.  There is no doubt in my mind that inefficient buildings,  like gas guzzling cars, will be shunned by real property buyers and building tenants when they have the opportunity to see the results on energy disclosure reports.  In the recent past, few buyers have paid a great deal of attention to annual energy costs since energy costs have been relatively low.  

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