Where Responsibility, Compassion Meet: Working With Bereaved Clients


Those who are bereaved often feel like they are treated differently, shunned, isolated or betrayed. Feelings of anger and disappointment with family, friends and co-workers for perceived failings in providing support after a death occurs are also common. It is unfortunate that many in their support network are unable to provide the type of support necessary to facilitate the process of adaptation to loss. Studies show that the bereaved's perception of the quality of support received is a strong determinant as to how well the bereaved will adapt to the loss.

Long-Term Sequelae of E.coli 0157:H7

TASA ID: 733

As we eat in places other than our kitchen, poor sanitation and contamination of food sources become a significant problem.  Although the FDA has established a series of guidelines for food safety, CDC incidence reports of Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli 0157:H7 are on the rise.  Some of the acute clinical symptoms related to these types of bacterial infection appear to be self-limiting, but the reality is that life-long problems persist.  Of interest to the lawyer and patient is to ensure that these significant risk factors are considered when the damages to the person are assessed.

Interviewing and Timeline Skills Your Fire Investigation Expert Needs

TASA ID: 1436

During investigation of a fire, information comes from all around the investigator, who should have a way of assembling and ordering it when the smoke clears (literally) in order to successfully determine the origin and cause of a fire. At a fire scene there is limited time to collect witness statements and details from examination of the scene.  A fire investigator may be at the scene with other investigators, but the opinion formed needs to be solely his or hers. Investigators must take the time to push out the clutter of everyone around them and put everything in its place. 

Preventing Corporate Fraud

TASA ID: 321

Fraud can happen in a business of any size, but small businesses are often targets of fraud. According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, small and midsize companies suffer more losses due to fraud than their larger counterparts. Experts estimate that companies lose 5% to 6% of their annual revenue to fraud, so every company should have a comprehensive fraud prevention program.

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