Airmanship in the Age of Automation

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On a cloudy morning, at a major US airport, a regional jet is cleared for the ILS approach.  The ceiling is reported at 600 feet, with visibility around five statute miles. As the plane turns final, a 30-knot tailwind pushes it faster than expected to the final approach segment, with the crew racing to descend.  Realizing the plane is still above glideslope, the first officer turns off the auto-pilot and dives to catch it.  The rate of descent increases as the plane passes 2,000 feet. It's not an everyday approach, but the beginning of an accident report - one that will never be written. 

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Defamation: The Stain That Can Never Be Removed

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Defamation is a form of negative communications which is easy to apply but nearly impossible to completely remove. Defamation is defined as “the action of damaging the good reputation of someone.  Defamation results from some form of negative communications, whether written (libel) or verbal (slander).  Negative communications are extremely powerful and in, most instances, difficult to counter or overcome – mainly because of human nature and psychology.   When some person, business or entity is defamed, there are factors that come into play that generally are irreversible.

11 Need-To-Know Answers About Lasers

Q&A: Laser Management of Scars

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Things to consider: 

  • Test spots should be performed prior to a full treatment. 
  • Choice of setting: Understand that the pulse rate can be manipulated.
  • Patient selection is based on medical history, including medication and the site of the skin.
  • Patients using medication may produce more sensitivity to the laser-you may want to refrain from using medications 72 hours prior to and after the procedure. 
  • Some skin types may blister, if so, the frequency will need to be reduced.
  • Suntanned patients should not be treated until the skin is lighter to avoid blistering, hypo-pigmentation and delayed efficacy. 
  • A patient on aspirin or iron may bruise more easily. Test a small area first. 
  • Apply cold compresses after the treatment to decrease discomfort and edema.
  • Minimal discomfort relieved by cold compress or cool gel pack. Patient may have edema, erythema and a tight sensation with minimal discomfort. 
  • Topical anesthetics may be used on lesions.

Negligence vs Gross Negligence

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Joining a health/exercise center these days often includes signing some form of hold harmless agreement which absolves the center from acts of negligence.  If a member is injured and sues, then plaintiff has to show that the club had committed gross negligence. I recently worked as a plaintiff’s expert on such a case.  A health club member was injured when he attempted to mount an elliptical exercise machine which had been located too close to another. He was struck and injured by the moving part of the adjoining machine. 

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