Judge the Deed (and, more importantly, what lead up to it), Not the Breed

TASA ID: 2287

Calls often come in asking me to opine on the inherent dangerous nature of certain breeds (i.e., American Pit Bull Terrier or Rottweiler). Attorneys are often both surprised and annoyed when I tell them, “No.” Instead, I advise looking into the stewardship of the dog, whereupon neglect is usually found. Lack of responsibility towards a dog’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being, possibly combined with a dog’s inherent breed tendencies, are always the true culprit in dog bite cases.

Escalating Violence and Parental Litigation: The National Call for Student Safety Plans in School Districts and Universities

TASA ID: 1646

If there is any university president or school superintendent in the nation who currently operates without formalized school safety plans in place (quite apart from the noticeable but ignored "thou-shalt-nots" festooned on campus walls, doors and fences), s/he needs to regard-as a wake-up scream-the thunderous allegations of negligence, child endangerment, foreseen traumatic event, breach of duty of care, sexual molestation, dereliction of duty, and reckless disregard hurled by a passing parade of aggrieved and angry parents.

Everything You Wanted to Know About School Safety but Were Sued First

TASA ID: 1646

On June 14, 2013, the nation paused to pray and remember the unspeakably horrific shooting, a massacre that claimed 26 lives, on December 14, 2012, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown Connecticut. Legions of the country's experts,  including me, continue to engage in differential diagnoses and soul-searching for answers as to who and what went wrong. The cruel irony is that Sandy Hook Elementary School probably could not have done anything more, different or better, to protect its students, short of constructing a walled-in campus inside of which students would receive provisions and other necessities from the outside. 
Category: Security

Are Safe Deposit Boxes on Their Way Out?

TASA ID: 1018

"Safe deposit boxes are obsolete, soon to be history, fading away fast, loss leaders, relics from the past and on their way to oblivion." These are several of the negative and totally incorrect statements made recently in a news story published by a large New York business news publication. . .  

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