Lessons from a Landscape Architect: Landscape Screening

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Most landscape designers have encountered municipal codes which require dense shrub and tree placement along the boundary lines of a commercial project.  Although this mandate is well-intended, as in reducing the negative visual impact of vast areas of asphalt parking lots and roads, it fails to recognize that highways and parking lots are not always incompatible land uses. 

Lessons from a Landscape Architect: To Substitute or not to Substitute

TASA ID: 334

Some rules still exist on the books of municipalities governing the selection of plant materials for new and redeveloped site projects.  Lists of genus and species authorized for installation attempt to reflect the desired site conditions, safety considerations and of course aesthetic demands.  These lists do not always factor in the complementary role of plants in defining spaces and enhancing the design attributes of an architectural statement. 
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Shedding Some Light on Insurance

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I have served as an insurance expert on legal cases over the years and stood witness to an insurmountable amount of cases that center around the agent/broker standard of care as it relates to the type of insurance sold or not sold to a client and if it was the appropriate type of insurance or even adequate coverage. Unfortunately, a discovery of poor standard of care is revealed when it is too late.

Tips for Collecting Your Health Care Claim against Self-Insured Health Plan

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Obtaining reimbursement on a health care claim is not easy today because of all the different laws and regulations and insurance plans.  I recently worked on several cases to recover claims involving a large self-insured health plan. All self-insured plans are governed by the federal ERISA law and have “trustees” to administer the Plan. Many health care providers, including surgeons, surgery centers, chiropractors, and physical therapists have had their legitimate claims denied over recent years because of alleged fraudulent claims, but legitimate claims are payable.

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