Autonomous Vehicles

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Driverless vehicles, or as they are called autonomous vehicles, are a major topic of interest these days.  A self-driving vehicle offers many advantages to the public, especially to the elderly and people with physical impairments who otherwise would not be able to drive. Then there is the issue that autonomous vehicles do not get drunk or become drowsy, and are not distracted by cell phones or children in the back seat. Thus they should, in principle, reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries to occupants. Another advantage suggested by the concept’s supporters is that by controlling speed and vehicle spacing patterns on highways, better overall fuel economy can be achieved and CO2 emissions reduced.  

The Eye in the Sky: Our World According to Digital Closed- Circuit TV Security Systems

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Remember the 1970's song by The Alan Parsons Project, "The Eye in the Sky"?  A memorable line from the lyrics was, "I am the Eye in the sky looking at you. I can read your mind."  Have you ever walked down a city street and noticed video cameras on the top of light posts or telephone poles? Why on earth would anybody want to see that city street, let alone you walking down that street?  Are public cameras an invasion of privacy, or are they "The Eye in the Sky" trying to read your mind, making adjustments to extraneous elements, and making your life easier?
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The Quick Athletic Risk Management Checklist


Safety is boring. No one gives out trophies for the team with the fewest injuries in a season. Fans don't yell, "We're number one, we're number one - in safety!" Safety only becomes exciting when there is a problem. The following quick checklist is offered to help keep safety - boring. Pass this on to every coach and athletic director.

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