Failure to Maintain a Proper Lookout: Driver Perception Reaction Time

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. . . the common argument of "failure to maintain a proper lookout" assumes that both a driver's vision and attention are focued at all times during the events leading up to the point of collision with B. Certainly, anyone who operates an automobile knows that the driving task includes many elements beyond attention to the roadway ahead . . . The basic concept which needs clarification here is that of "Perception Reaction Time" (PRT) . . . . 

Helpful e-Discovery Tips

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Throughout the years I have been asked my advice on what to do and what not to do when it comes to e-Discovery matters. It was only recently on social media that I decided to post some of the advice that I had given out to many. By no means is this an extensive list; however, these tips will help with general inquiries you may have, especially when it comes to cases.

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