Foreclosure Litigation, Missing & Misplaced Mortgage File Documents, & "Robo-Signers"

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In order to set up any mortgage loan file, a number of tasks must be completed, and a lengthy checklist of items and documents has to be produced, executed by the borrower or someone else, many of them sent out to the courthouse for recordation, some of them sent to the borrower, some sent to other places such as a property insurance or title insurance company, and most of them maintained in the mortgage loan file for the life of the loan.  This creates plenty of opportunities for errors.

The Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security Market Is Dead. Long Live The New Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security Market

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In the last quarter of 2010, we are beginning to see positive signs of the long awaited and much hoped for return of the CMBS market.  At present, the recently enacted SAFE Mortgage and Dodd Frank Wall Street Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Acts appear to have done little to reign in the past practices of Wall Street firms and the conduits that originate and sell CMBS product.

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