The Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security Market Is Dead. Long Live The New Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security Market

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In the last quarter of 2010, we are beginning to see positive signs of the long awaited and much hoped for return of the CMBS market.  At present, the recently enacted SAFE Mortgage and Dodd Frank Wall Street Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Acts appear to have done little to reign in the past practices of Wall Street firms and the conduits that originate and sell CMBS product.

The Current Commercial Mortgage Market

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In an environment of over demand and under supply, mortgage lenders can "pick and choose" which loans they want to fund while imposing tighter underwriting standards.  We have witnessed that since 2009.  While becoming a little more liberal, that underwriting trend will continue for some time.  Low interest rates and more liberal underwriting standards will undoubtedly benefit many properties, but they can't overcome the real problem for many CMBS borrowers.

Peer Review of Your Credit and Collection Processes: A Great Loss Prevention Idea for Professional Service Provider Firms

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The professional service provider be it, law, accounting, architecture, or engineering is constantly challenged to balance contractual terms and conditions, while providing a professional and effective deliverable within budgetary guidelines. Unfortunately, the professional service provider has to occasionally deal with a difficult or unhappy client.

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