The Importance of Sound Banking Procedures and Reviews by Multiple Sets of Eyes

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The internet is full of landmines and scams. In this situation, a hacker obtained the email of the O’Neill Bragg president and sent an email to the VP in charge of banking to wire $580,000 to the Bank of China.  The VP didn’t question the email and completed the required wire transfer procedures for Bank Of America (BOA), O’Neill Bragg’s bank.  The Bank wired the funds thereafter.

Blockchain: Beware of the crypto-hype

December 2018


This article was originally published in ITNOW, Volume 60, Issue 4, Pages 22–23, 1 December 2018,  by © 2018 The British Computer Society.

Dr. Stephen Castell explains why IT professionals need to watch out for crypto-hype and be alert to the problems ahead.

There is currently a crypto-algorithmic blockchain technology mania. Huge amounts of money, commentary, thought, ink and new paper column inches are being lavished on blockchain based technologies such as cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and distributed ledgers.

It seems almost every millennial is involved with an initial coin offering (ICO) or initial token offering (ITO). A few of these may prove to be commercially successful. They may establish a new crypto-economic paradigm. I wish these crypto-enthusiast millennials well. Indeed, I have dubbed crypto the millennials’ rock’n’roll.

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The Role of the Financial Neutral

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Going through a divorce requires more than navigating the legal procedures. When dividing property and assets, there are lasting financial impacts that each party must consider before making decisions. Often, each member of the couple has only their own best interest in mind, but they have a lot more flexibility in making decisions by working together in collaborative divorce.

How to Detect Elder Financial Abuse

15 Warning Signs a Loved One Needs Help

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Older American adults are at an increased risk of becoming victims of financial fraud or exploitation which criminals don’t want you to know about. An estimated $36 billion lost to these con artists each year. They gain the trust of our loved ones and use it against them in ways that leave victims emotionally and financially devastated.



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ANALYZE THE AMOUNT DUE ON THE MORTGAGE or DEED OF TRUST.  Math Sleuths.  The loan amount is $750,000.  The probable rate of interest is 5.25%.  The term is 30 years, the date of the mortgage is August 1, 2017. The monthly payments are $4,142.00.  The unpaid balance is $738,518.   Assuming a loan to value ratio of 75%/Value, the purchase was $1,000,000 and down payment $250,000.00.  Assuming that the monthly payment must equal one quarterly monthly payment, the gross income of the defendant is about $16,000 a month or makes $192,000.00 a year.

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