Why It’s Important to Get Metrics Right for Hybrid and Remote Work

TASA ID: 22108

How do you measure hybrid and remote work effectiveness? Doing so represents one of the biggest challenges in flexible work contexts, since without the right metrics, how can you be confident your work model is actually working? In a fascinating interview with Vahagn Sargsyan, Founder of WebWork, a revealing picture emerged about the critical role of metrics in remote work environments.

Trust-Building in the Era of Telehealth

TASA ID: 22108

In our rapidly evolving world, telehealth is taking center stage, transforming lives and revolutionizing healthcare delivery. However, one particular niche stands out: the treatment of eating disorders. With the rise of remote work and telehealth, a new era is dawning that brings unique opportunities for patients and providers alike. It’s part of a broader transformation in remote work - and life.

The Death of Full-Time In-Office Work and the Rise of Tomorrow's Corporate Titans

TASA ID: 22108

The traditional 9-to-5, suited-up office worker spending their days in a cubicle farm - that image is quickly fading into history. Full-time in-office work is dying, and the stake is being driven through its heart by the most innovative companies leading the future of business.

Unlocking the HR Secrets of Hybrid Work

TASA ID: 22108

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the nature of work, compelling companies to adapt to remote and hybrid models. As organizations look to the future, leaders are grappling with how to adapt their workplaces and cultures to this new reality. To provide a more nuanced understanding, I interviewed three HR leaders: Tony DeBlauwe of Celigo, René Allen of Hagar’s Sisters, and Sheri Paulo of Employment Practices Solutions, Inc.


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