The RTO Ultimatum Shaking Wall Street

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In an era when flexibility and autonomy are the new black, financial services leaders are ready to break the chains of traditional office norms. The results of a recent Deloitte and Workplace Intelligence survey make it clear: the future of the financial services sector is hanging in the balance, and leaders are prepared to walk out the door rather than surrender their hybrid work privileges.

The concept of work has undergone a radical transformation in the last few years. Gone are the days when the office was the only place for serious business. Flexibility and remote work have moved from being perks to being prerequisites for leaders in the financial services sector. But this shift isn't just about convenience. It's about fostering engagement, bolstering retention, and driving key outcomes, as the report reveals.

Navigating the Technology Transformation Through Brain Training

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In an era where technology is reshaping our world, staying ahead requires more than just technological prowess. It demands a focus on enhancing uniquely human skills. I recently sat down with Paola Telfer, founder and CEO of Sens.ai, a brain training technology platform, to discuss how her company's technology, and others like it, can serve as tools to help individuals and organizations adapt.

How to Make Corporate Wellness Programs Truly Effective

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Corporate wellness programs have become commonplace, with companies offering everything from gym memberships to meditation apps. Yet according to my interview with Tawn Williams, founder of corporate wellness firm House of Anaya, research shows that most of these programs fail to get significant engagement and participation from employees. Surveys indicate that around 80% of employees typically do not utilize or take advantage of the wellness offerings provided by their company. This lack of impact and usage means that companies are getting very little return on their investments in workplace wellness initiatives.

So what can organizations do to make their corporate wellness efforts actually work? How can they design and implement programs that employees will actually participate in and benefit from? Here are some key best practices to keep in mind.

The Military Mindset for Entrepreneurial Success

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Entrepreneurs, if you thought your toolkit was complete with the latest business strategies, prepare for a paradigm shift. The military mindset, as evidenced by my interview with Matt Ryder, CEO of 7th Level Inc., can be your secret weapon in your entrepreneurial journey.

Matt was a member of Special Operations in the military, he served in hotspots in the Middle East. Today, he uses his military experience in entrepreneurship and executing successful business strategies in his sales training company.

Matt’s company has helped to train over 100,000 sales representatives in hundreds of companies like Google Ads, Airwallex, Fuse.Cloud, GoToro and others.

The Benefits of Process Automation for Flexible Work

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"Is your organization ready for the future of work?" This question looms large in the corporate world, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic that has fundamentally altered our perceptions of productivity and workplace efficiency. In my insightful conversation with Alexandre Wentzo, CEO at iGrafx, a renowned expert in process intelligence, we delved into the transformative power of process automation in fostering flexible work environments.

Wentzo, with his global experience and French roots, brings a unique perspective on the evolution of work culture. He notes that the pre-COVID era was marked by a traditional, office-centric approach. However, the pandemic served as a catalyst, propelling organizations towards a hybrid model that blends in-office collaboration with the convenience and focus of remote work.


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