Lowcost Cleanup Methods for Coastal Sediments and Waterways Impacted by the BP Oil Spill of 2010

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Although most of the media is concerned about the obvious floating free product associated with the BP Oil Spill, it is the dissolved contamination that will remain for a long period of time and continue to volatilize, generating the crude oil odors, long after the free product has been mostly cleaned up from the surface of the air-sea interface.

Preventing Oil Spills and Other Disasters by Risk Analysis of the Consequences and Probability of Failure: A Look at the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast

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Oil spills happen when physical degradation of the facilities (pipes, pumps, wells, instrumentation, tanks and tankers) occur due to a variety of physical factors, including but not limited to corrosion, puncture, earth movement), as well as human errors.

Unseen Oil Continues to Damage the Environment. BP Corporate Recklessness in Stark Contrast to "Reasonable Person" Criteria

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Just because you can't see the crude oil from the BP Oil Spill of 2010, doesn't mean it is not continuing to damage the environment and kill marine organisms.  Crude oil can occur as free product when the local concentration of the crude oil exceeds solubility of the compound in water.

Scientific Evidence and Causation of Toxicity

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Establishing causation is a critical - if not the most important - task when allegations of harm are made.  This is particularly true for adverse consequence arising from illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and other chemicals.  Causation of adverse health effects and even wrongful death requires more than demonstrating an association or connection.  Knowing whether or not there is a causal link between a toxicant and a claimed adverse health effect is important for both plaintiffs and defendants.

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