Hidden Hazards of Confined Space

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Frequent headlines in breaking news stories convey the tragic results of yet another confined space fatality accident. With fatality statistics indicating that more than 60 percent of rescues in confined spaces result in a workplace fatality.  Since most of these cases are fully preventable, sadly they involve local firefighters responding to trapped workers injured on the job.

A common misunderstanding many people share is that local firefighters respond to emergencies fully equipped as technical rescuers.  Having experience in structural fire control or vehicle emergency response doesn’t necessarily qualify one as a technical rescuer.  Comprehensive training, practical experience, and a working knowledge can adequately prepare responders to engage as rescue professionals, not before.

Air Quality and Product Liability Case Studies: A Chemical Expert’s Analysis

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End users of a product are occasionally unhappy with the product's performance or time of durability.  In the areas of paints, coatings, and adhesives, a paint or coating may fade, blister, or crack shortly after its application or well before its expiration date.  An adhesive may also delaminate in random fashion.  Additionally, personal injury may result.

Corrosion Mechanisms of Painted Metal


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A paint coating imparts two important functions to the underlying substrate:

- The aesthetic function gives the substrate a good appearance.

- The protective function protects the substrate from mechanical and chemical damage.

However, due to routine wear and tear, surface scratches and other defects are generated in the paint film and micro-cracks develop.  These micro-cracks eventually lead to macroscopic corrosion damage, which results in the coating losing its aesthetic and protective functions. Corrosion is a ubiquitous and on-going problem.  It causes tens of millions of dollars of damage annually in the U.S. alone, and compromises the safety, environmental, and appearance characteristics of the affected structures.


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