Civil Litigation of Damages Caused by Use of Synthetic Marijuana

TASA ID: 501

Attorneys who represent families that have had a member die or been seriously harmed by synthetic marijuana, or have clients who have been harmed in vehicular accidents caused by this drug, or otherwise harmed by a user under the influence, should consider whether litigation is appropriate and viable to secure compensation for the victims.

Baby Injured by Hazardous Material on Stroller: How a Chemical Expert’s Detective Work Helped Solve the Mystery

TASA ID: 745

A young mother purchased a child stroller at a local mass merchandiser store in Indianapolis, Indiana, in early summer. Later that day she began walking with the baby in the stroller to bring her infant daughter to visit the child's grandparents about two miles away.  With the child safely strapped in the new stroller, she walked for about an hour, stopping twice to comfort her baby, who was crying and appearing uncomfortable.

Damage Claims and Cleanup Estimates for the BP Oil Spill of 2010

TASA ID: 897

Cost recovery for necessary assessment and cleanup costs from an oil spill which started hundreds of miles away on an offshore drilling platform is going to be a large issue for numerous Gulf Coast property owners.  Legal action of any sort is a time-consuming affair.  There are several types of damage caused by the BP Oil Spill of 2010.

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