Why You Need a Workplace Contingency Plan

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“Risk cannot be eliminated … it can only be mitigated.”

No one can predict the future or how events beyond the control of a company will affect its ability to operate. An interruption to daily operations is not just costly—it could wipe out your organization. The American Management Association has stated that, “About 50% of businesses that suffer from a major disaster without a disaster recovery plan in place never re-open for business.” 

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The Benefits of Paying Nannies and Other Household Employees Legally…and the Consequences of Paying “Under the Table”

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It's not easy being a household employer. For some, the legal, tax, and insurance issues make paying their employees "under the table" seem easier and cheaper. But this decision can be penny-wise and pound-foolish if you get caught. Even if you don't get caught, you'll be missing out on legal and tax advantages that you can't use if you're paying illegally.
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Put it in Writing: The Value of Employment Agreements with Nannies and Other Household Employees

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You've just hired your nanny or other household employee. You're thrilled, she's thrilled, and you're in the employer-employee version of a honeymoon. You can't imagine that anything will ever go wrong.  While in most cases, fortunately, that's true, in other cases things can get contentious if your understanding of the details of your arrangement is somehow different than your employee's understanding of them.
Category: Employment

Improving Profitability and Productivity Through Psychologically Healthy Workplace Practices

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$300 Billion per year.  That is the estimated annual aggregate cost to US businesses due to worker stress (stress leads to absenteeism, lost productivity, accidents, increased healthcare costs, turnover, conflict in the workplace, and presenteeism - being physically present but having your mind on something else).  On any given day, nearly one million employees in the US miss work due to stress.  These and other compelling data are available from the American Stress Institute (www.stress.org/job.htm).  How can management respond proactively to these challenges? 

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