Changes in PA Workers' Compensation Act 2014

TASA ID: 1823

A Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision made in November 2013, concerning standards for Workers' Compensation for Labor Market Surveys, is understood to substantially increase the burden in attempts of employers in modifying workers' compensation benefits. The decision argued on March 7, 2012 and decided upon November 21, 2013, involved a claimant who was injured during her employment with Phoenixville Hospital. She had applied for five jobs comprising a LMS.

Assessing Neuro-Cognitive Complaints after Brain Injury: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction in Civil and Criminal Litigation

TASA ID: 2434

Plaintiffs and other petitioners often sue for damages due to reported cognitive or emotional impairment.  These cognitive impairments are often said to be the result of traumatic brain injury suffered in accidents, toxic exposures or medical procedures. Emotional impairments take the form of alleged depression or "traumatic" anxiety following such events, or those involving employment, business or similar affairs.
Category: Employment, Security

Security Guard Contracts

TASA ID: 2483

Before September 11, 2001, "security" consisted of three parts: it was a business function, an industry, an academic discipline.  The terrorist attacks on that date added a fourth: Homeland Security.  Each segment is different, but the one generating the most interest from a legal viewpoint is security as a business function.  This is where security's goal is to prevent losses to the greatest extent possible and minimize the cost of those that are inevitable. 

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