The Role of the Financial Neutral

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Going through a divorce requires more than navigating the legal procedures. When dividing property and assets, there are lasting financial impacts that each party must consider before making decisions. Often, each member of the couple has only their own best interest in mind, but they have a lot more flexibility in making decisions by working together in collaborative divorce.

How to Detect Elder Financial Abuse

15 Warning Signs a Loved One Needs Help

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Older American adults are at an increased risk of becoming victims of financial fraud or exploitation which criminals don’t want you to know about. An estimated $36 billion lost to these con artists each year. They gain the trust of our loved ones and use it against them in ways that leave victims emotionally and financially devastated.

What Do Active Shooter Threats Mean for the Standard/Duty of Care?

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After the tragic Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that claimed 11 lives, the faith-based community and other gathering places have found themselves left with an almost unfathomable, but inevitably relevant question: “what if a shooting happens here next?”

Handling Incoming Verification

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This article was originally published in PI Magazine, pimagazine.com.

A function rarely offered by PI firms is assisting their corporate clients to handle incoming verification requests for current and previous employees.

This function is almost always performed by internal HR or management personnel. Notwithstanding, it's extremely important that investigative firms strongly consider offering and/or partnering with firms that offer this specialized service. In these lean financial times, outsourcing of incoming verifications to capable entities that can effectively do the job is one option worth looking into.

Digital Evidence Management

3 Considerations

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With the world around us becoming increasingly digitized and video surveillance becoming more prevalent, legal professionals have become faced with a growing level of digital evidence culled from the security and law enforcement communities; in fact, some would suggest that effective investigations, loss control, liability reduction and safety enforcement now hinges on such evidence to remain effective.

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