Assessing Neuro-Cognitive Complaints after Brain Injury: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction in Civil and Criminal Litigation

TASA ID: 2434

Plaintiffs and other petitioners often sue for damages due to reported cognitive or emotional impairment.  These cognitive impairments are often said to be the result of traumatic brain injury suffered in accidents, toxic exposures or medical procedures. Emotional impairments take the form of alleged depression or "traumatic" anxiety following such events, or those involving employment, business or similar affairs.

The Alienated Child in the Midst of a High Conflict Divorce: A New Approach to Parental Alienation Syndrome

TASA ID: 1385

The alienation of a child from a parent following separation and divorce has drawn significant attention in custody disputes. The clinical presentations of the child's adamant rejection of a parent, which is generally accompanied by strong resistance or refusal to visit with the parent, was originally described by Richard Gardner in the 1980's as Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). Richard A. Gardner proposed parental alienation syndrome based on his clinical experience with the children of divorcing parents. 

Sexual Abuse Evaluations in Young Children: Why It Takes an Expert to Determine If Children Are Telling the Truth or Fabricating Allegations of Sexual Abuse

TASA ID: 1385

The frequency of false allegations of sexual abuse by children and adolescents is of signifcant legal and clinical importance. Many professionals in the field of child sexual abuse are more skeptical of child claims of sexual abuse than ever before. Research on false allegations and recantation of sexual abuse has produced signifcant evidence related to how and why children make false allegations.

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