How to Protect Your User Interface Intellectual Property

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A well-designed, attractive user interface is valuable.  In fact, it may be one of the most valuable components of your software. Apple built the biggest company in the world on best-in-class design and usability. If you develop software, you should be aware of the value of your user interface (UI), whether you should take steps to protect it, and whether you may be at risk of infringing on another UI.

Creating a Culture of Invention

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Today's executives are expected to exploit all assets of their organizations to the maximum extent. Whether corporation, university or non-profit institute; whether private or public, their leaders must compete by first protecting company assets and then deriving maximum value from them. "All assets" include the organization's intellectual property that can represent a significant, sometimes crucial, bank of assets.  Effective, aggressive management of intellectual property (IP) can result in licensing and implementation of important technologies that are a benefit to society, and in financial benefits for the owner organization.

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Patent Infringement Issues By a Patent Agent

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An expert in a patent infringement case will just as likely be on the defense.  Here, the defense will try to get the patent at issue declared invalid by finding prior art/documentation which would be printed material that predates the invention and shows the same idea as the invention.  This prior art/documentation could consist of two or more printed articles that together could be combined to create the invention described in the patent. 

Internet Surveys Come of Age

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A few years ago, Internet surveys in Intellectual Property litigation were novelties - not anymore.  In fact, the Internet survey has come of age and become mainstream as the preferred methodology for many types of intellectual property litigation-related surveys.

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