Lessons from a Doctor's Recent Trial Testimony

TASA ID: 3656

Recently, I testified as a plaintiff internal medicine expert in a trial located in California, against a primary care doctor.  This was a missed breast cancer diagnosis case, where the jury awarded a $1.9 million verdict.  The jury was hung against the radiology group, despite the fact that they sent her the wrong letter in which she was congratulated on a normal mammogram, when in fact it showed suspicious breast calcifications.

Medical Spas Acting Beyond Their Expertise: Adverse Complications Resulting in Potential Litigation

TASA ID: 3797

The very term "medi-spa" or "medical spa" raises a conundrum which the industry does not want to address. Is this a medical facility which, therefore, should meet the standard of care expected of physicians?  Is this a spa facility which conjures expectations of a pampered experience consisting of massage, nourishment, meditation and the like?  Or is this a combination of the two?

Assessing Neuro-Cognitive Complaints after Brain Injury: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction in Civil and Criminal Litigation

TASA ID: 2434

Plaintiffs and other petitioners often sue for damages due to reported cognitive or emotional impairment.  These cognitive impairments are often said to be the result of traumatic brain injury suffered in accidents, toxic exposures or medical procedures. Emotional impairments take the form of alleged depression or "traumatic" anxiety following such events, or those involving employment, business or similar affairs.

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