What the Heck is a Hospitalist?

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Hospitalists are the third most heavily recruited specialty in the country, right after family practice doctors and general surgeons. Hospitalists are doctors who take care of patients entirely or almost entirely as inpatients. They have no office practice (though a few are beginning to work in follow-up clinics for patients they cared for in the hospital), so they and their partners are available 24-7 for newly admitted patients and problems with patients already in the hospital.

Safe Discharge from the Pediatric Emergency Department

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The future condition of pediatric patients discharged from the emergency department can never be guaranteed even when the diagnosis has been clearly defined.  As a result, we are dependent on our clinical judgment of the patients' stability, as well as the understanding and capability of the parents in safely discharging pediatric patients.  Up to 75% of patients/parents do not understand the instructions given at the time of emergency department discharge and not surprisingly almost all malpractice complaints arising from the emergency department have incomplete discharge instructions as a component.

Medical Device Registration and Clearance is NOT the same as Approval

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Since 1976, the FDA has classified devices as low (1), medium (2) and high (3) risk.This article goes into detail about what medical device manufacturers are required to do to sell their products in the USA. I’ve been working on a case as an expert witness for a very experienced attorney. Our discussions made me realize that many of us are unaware of the details that separate a device tested in humans before being put on the market, from the vast majority of devices that are tested in the laboratory only and then sold.

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