Sledding and Tubing Injuries

Written by a parks and recreation expert


Gone are the days of actual winter months and fun winter activities we used to enjoy as children.  We loved the thrill of the winter weather, but more often than not, did not take the time to concern ourselves with safety. Check out what TASA-referred park and recreation expert has to say about sledding and tubing injuries...There are many factors that can contribute to the frequency and severity of sledding injuries. Location, location, location matters in real estate sales as it does in picking a sledding hill.  Public land, private land, or commercial establishments have different levels of care that must be provided to sledders.

What Takata Airbag Inflators Imply For Products Liability Litigation

ask about my book, "The Mechanical Design Process," a text whose 5th edition was just released by McGraw Hill

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Takata airbags inflators have been identified as the cause of at least eleven deaths and countless injuries in recent years.  While all products come with risks, it appears that Takata knew about the potential for injury and death as early as 2004 and made decisions to bury this information without proactively reacting to it.

Toxic Torts Update

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There are some new up ticks and trend lines within the areas of product liability and personal injury case work. Even for those who have been focused on one area of this specialized litigation, this summary will add to your awareness of things to come.

Investigating Product Failure: Understanding the Development of a New Product


Unlike Athena, a new product does not spring, fully formed, from the brow of the Vice President of Marketing. Most likely it arrives prematurely and requires heroic efforts just to survive.  Usually, but not always, its problems and weaknesses will have been resolved by the time it's released for sale:  The operative phrase being "Usually, but not always."


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