Auto Dealer Insurance - Garage Policy: What’s Behind All the Auto Dealer Lawsuits and Claims?

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Auto dealers are often targets for lawsuits.  Why?  After a home purchase, your vehicle is likely the second highest purchase you will make . . .  So, it's not difficult to understand why consumers become so passionate when something goes wrong...or appears to have gone wrong. Let's see why: Buyer's remorse . . . Damage claims . . . False Pretense . . . Lemom Law . . . Prior Damage Disclosure . . . "

Healthcare Act

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, more commonly referred to as the "healthcare bill," has taken over a year to construct and has been a lightning rod for political debate because it effectively reshapes major facets of the country's healthcare industry.
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Shedding Some Light on Insurance

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I have served as an insurance expert on legal cases over the years and stood witness to an insurmountable amount of cases that center around the agent/broker standard of care as it relates to the type of insurance sold or not sold to a client and if it was the appropriate type of insurance or even adequate coverage. Unfortunately, a discovery of poor standard of care is revealed when it is too late.

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