Image/Reputation Damage From Media News Reports:

Is it Legally Actionable?

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So the operative question here is: “when media exposure of a negative event or activity harms the image or reputation of a person or entity, is it actionable in terms of a lawsuit?”  The answer is, “yes and no.”  I’ve served as an expert witness in numerous cases relating to media reports that caused damage, representing both the plaintiff’s (those claiming harm) and the defendant’s (those that took the actions that resulted in the media reports).  Let’s be clear about one thing first, the media is not the culprit and cannot be the targets of lawsuits if their reports were accurate as to the facts and there was no judgements made in the reports as to guilt or innocence.  One might quibble about the extent of the coverage provided or whether it was fair or balanced but the media has a right to report the news as long as it is fair and accurate.

Professional Malpractice or Failure to Perform:

When Communications Go Awry

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In the communications field, there are numerous types of professions and service providers that are utilized to communicate for numerous purposes to various types of target audiences.  Such purposes could involve: disseminating information; creating or generating awareness; creating, building, developing or repairing an image, reputation or brand; generating ongoing visibility; promotion or marketing of a product or service; or communicating in crisis situations to disseminate vital information and/or correct negative impressions or incorrect information.  The most prominent type of service professionals that are contracted for these purposes are in the fields of public relations; advertising and marketing.  

Harmful Media Exposure:

Beware Of the Hidden Sources of Damage

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When it comes to the positive perception of someone or something, there is a saying that is at once ominous and very true: “It can take years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it.”  There are an infinite variety of ways that a negative perception can be generated through various forms of harmful communications.  One of the most common – and impactful and damaging – is through the mass media.  It’s not supposed to be that way nor should it be.  


An Invaluable Weapon Often Critical to Litigation Success

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It is six weeks until the five year anniversary of the filing of a $14 million construction 

defect lawsuit and the plaintiff’s law firm has run out of legal options. The presiding judge of a Los Angeles Superior Court branch has put out the word that he will let the suit “die” because he didn’t have a courtroom large enough and wasn’t going to tie up a judge for six months.  

From Fantasy To Reality: A Time For Awakening

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Once upon a time, those who dispensed legal counsel and services were able to build successful businesses because they worked hard, served their clients well, had good reputations and were reasonably visible in the community.  They found work through people they knew, referrals by other professionals or through people they met in organizations.

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