The Last Mask

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Some state governors seem obsessed about blocking President Biden, CDC, and NIH, with multiple mandates requiring that masks in schools be worn by teachers, students, campus office workers, janitors, principals, student aids, parent volunteers, bus drivers, and counselors.

This nation owes a debt of gratitude to President Biden, as his administration is supporting school districts in this “Be-Livid-Don’t-Git-It-With-COVID” (my coinage) campaign to save our children. As a former Director of Child Welfare, for the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District, I completely support President Biden’s instantaneous understanding of the dread, horror and fatal finality of the COVID variant, in its escalating assaults on the nation. Journalist Andrew Atterbury, of Politico, reported (August 12, 2021) that of the two seemingly power-mad governors, DeSantis’ administration softened its threat to withhold “defiant” school officials’ salaries but apparently could not resist a threat-cloaked response. In sum, the so-called defiant school officials must be held responsible for the “consequences of their decisions.”

All but carried away by his staged outrage, DeSantis apparently never read or analyzed his anti-mask rule. In a forward march of their POLITRICKS, both Florida Governor DeSantis and his Texas colleague, Governor Abbott, are making the equivalent of ill-timed political flash-bang grenades, illuminating their intemperate mandates to ban masks at schools. Governor DeSantis, in particular, ought to be sensitively-attuned to the health, welfare and safety of children, considering Florida’s June 24, 2021, horrifying 12-story/138 units Champlain Towers South collapse, which killed 97 people. National Public Radio assayed that catastrophe as “the deadliest of building collapses in U.S. history.”

We protect our children in swimming pools by being at their sides and teaching them to swim with top-surface “floaties.” We exploit torrid summer sales at Macy’s, Nordstrom, Burlington, and WalMart, to buy our children “winter coats,” despite the current season’s incapacity to change for a few months more. We send our children to school with backpacks and unbreakable lunch containers. When our kids are in Little League or Pop Warner baseball, we adorn their heads with unbreakable, weighty baseball helmets.

It quite appears that searching for water in any of our nation’s deserts is easier than figuring out (1) why the above-mentioned acts on behalf of our children seem not to have traversed the arid deserts of Governors DeSantis’ and Abbotts’ minds; and (2) when will both governors, and others on the sidelines of this issue, understand the health, welfare, and safety theme in this turbulent issue: We Americans are struggling to protect our children—real, lovable, fun- and family-loving children who live and breathe and love and care for, and about, this country, and who want to go safely to school—and in due course make it to adulthood!

With a United States governor recently resigning from office due to having habitually surrendered to a restive internal monster that rapaciously infringed upon him to sexually assault women; and other governors who see children as easy prey to capture and bottle up in battles to increase voter bases in the world of POLITRICKS, the United States of America needs a refresher course in “Children First. Everybody Else Wait!” 

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