TASA Challenge History Report Aids Attorneys in Expert Witness Evaluation


BLUE BELL, Pa., Sept. 16, 2009 /PRNewswire/ -- The TASA Group, Inc. (www.TASAnet.com) announces the launch of the Challenge History Report, a tool designed to help plaintiff and defense attorneys check past challenges to the admission of expert witness testimony. The Challenge History Report compiles reported and many unreported decisions where a "gatekeeping" standard or rule, like Daubert, has been cited and/or the expert's qualifications or methods have been challenged or strongly criticized by the court. Attorneys can use this tool to check the "gatekeeping history" of their testifying experts or opposing experts. 

Attorneys no longer need to search multiple databases to locate challenges to past expert witness testimony. The Challenge History Report is generated from an integrated database, updated daily, that includes all federal and state evidentiary standards dating back to 1993, including the country's largest repository of "Daubert" documents.  TASA performs the search, saving attorneys valuable time. The report provides legal professionals with case summaries and major reasons for admission or exclusion of expert witness testimony.  

"What really makes this tool unique is that it focuses heavily on unreported decisions not found in standard case law data," emphasized Suzanne M. Olita, President and CEO.  "And our clients really appreciate that the Challenge History Report is available for download within one business day." 

James Roberts, Assistant Vice President, who demonstrates the tool to legal professionals at conventions and has received first-hand client feedback observed, "This is a stand-out service because all of the supporting documents, such as briefs, motions to exclude, and transcripts, are included in the one report."  He added, "No other product offers more comprehensive reporting on an expert's past testimony." 

To learn more about the Challenge History Report, visit Challenge History Report.  To view a complete list of the federal and state gatekeeping authorities tracked by the Challenge History Report database, please visit Gatekeeping.

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