The Backside of COVID-19, or What The World May Look Like After The Virus Peaks©

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There is, we believe, a false expectation that after the virus peaks in a few weeks or days, that things will go back to normal.  That is most likely not the case.  In perhaps a year or longer, we should have a vaccine, which based upon our experiences with other viral vaccines may be partially effective against COVID-19 . Based upon the influenza vaccines, the effectiveness in preventing an infection is between 23% and 60% depending upon the virus and the vaccine. Essentially, entire countries will have to be immunized.  The alternative is that enough of us get the virus so that our society develops the “herd immunity.”  We also don’t know how effective or long-lasting that vaccine will be.  It is possible that the treatment could provide life-long immunity, but the prospects for that are, at this point, unknown, and probably very low- based upon the experience with influenza.

The virus will be with us essentially forever.  Social distancing may no longer be required among those vaccinated or recovered from the virus, but there will always be the potential for the hazard of infection or re-infection by an altered strain of the virus. One of the things we will have to face is the potential for virus contamination potential for almost anything we touch.  Doorknobs, money, tools, handrails, flat surfaces, and foodstuffs (including cans and the surfaces of fruits and vegetables) may all be reservoirs for the virus. Our vehicles may also be residuals for contamination or reinfection. 

We will not be shaking hands, but will be fist bumping and elbow or foot touching.  We will also be wearing N-95 masks or scarves, congregating in very small groups, eliminating mass meetings, and practicing social distancing, wearing gloves, and intensively hand sanitizing and avoiding touching our faces.  Bars and restaurants may be changed forever because the intimate dinner will be seen as a potential contamination hazard. Social dating will change forever because potential partners will be screening each other over dating apps, and may not meet for dating unless both present certificates that they are virus free or that they have had the virus.

Social dating will change significantly. Computer discussions and websites like Tinder and others will grow in popularity among the college and young adult crowd—but with a caveat. Face to face meetings will be limited to those who have had the antibody tests which indicates that they are no longer potential carriers of the virus.  This will happen until there is a new vaccine against the COVID-19 virus—if ever. 
The current testing protocols, including the ability to take the test at home, are a “false friend.”  Any testing which does not include antibodies just says that, “At the time I took the test, I did not have the virus.”  It does not indicate anything about the individual’s contacts nor his or her potential for infection since the time of the testing. 

To read the full article, download the PDF below. 

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