Part III: Bullying in the Workplace

Lawrence J. Fennelly CPOI, CSSM and Marianna Perry, CPP, CPOI

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You might be thinking that bullying occurs only in grade school or in the playground.  But it's also in the workplace and in large corporations.

Let’s look at the definition.
Workplace Bullying –“ an action or series of actions that are non-physical but verbal forms of emotional or mental violence.”  Workplace bullying can be a large contributor to a hostile work environment. What makes a hostile work environment?

Bullying in The Workplace Examples

Discovering that you or a fellow employee is experiencing workplace bullying can be a very shocking yet freeing realization. But sometimes the actions or comments are so subtle that you may not realize it.
The below list is not comprehensive.

  • spreading rumors, gossip, or lies about someone
  • altering work guidelines
  • sharing incorrect information
  • underwork or overwork
  • constant criticism
  • keeping a mistake record
  • sabotage
  • making an impossible schedule
  • stealing the credit for a project

Workplace bullying can take many forms 1 

  • Shouting or swearing at an employee or otherwise verbally abusing him or her
  • One employee being singled out for unjustified criticism or blame
  • An employee being excluded from company activities or having his or her work or contributions purposefully ignored
  • Workplace bullies use language or actions that embarrass or humiliate an employee
  • Practical jokes, especially if they occur repeatedly to the same person

Lynne Curry wrote a book titled Beating the Workplace Bully: “A Tactical Guide to Taking Charge.”  From the reviews we read, this is a worthwhile read. In it she says:

Bullies aren’t limited to the playground. These days, they roam our offices and can be found everywhere from break rooms to boardrooms. They don’t steal your lunch money, but they can make your work life a living hell—and even ruin your career.

Whether the bully is a boss or a coworker…whether you’re the target of manipulation, intimidation, verbal abuse, or deliberate humiliation, Beating the Workplace Bully will show you how to fight back. Filled with exercises, assessments, and real-life examples, this empowering guide helps you recognize what’s been making you a victim...and reveals how to:

  • Avoid typical bully traps
  • Remain aware and in charge
  • Move past your fear
  • Calm yourself in any confrontation
  • Keep your dignity intact
  • Build confidence
  • Handle sneak attacks
  • Strengthen your resolve”
  • Understand the steps that your employer or supervisors can take to address the issue
  • Combat cyber-bullying

www.bullyingstatistics.org/content/workplace-bullying.html  Do You Have Workplace Bullies at Your Job - Bullying Statistics

For additional reading go to: https://lawkm.com/workplace-bullying/

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