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The Implications of Medical Device Labeling

TASA ID: 248

On October 7, 2014, The TASA Group in conjunction with medical device expert, Dr. Edward Reese presented a free, one-hour, interactive webinar presentation, The Implications of Medical Device Labeling, for all legal professionals.

This webinar discussed the implications of medical device labeling that could contribute to, or directly cause, a patient serious injury or death. Dr. Reese provided information about the established laws and regulations that govern device-labeling requirements. He also discussed commercial distribution, as well as Design Objective Intent.

Category: Construction, Safety

Overview of Safety and Health Hazards in Roofing Construction

TASA ID: 3404

On September 23, 2014 The TASA Group in conjunction with roofing construction safety expert, Daniel O’Connell presented a free, one hour, interactive webinar presentation, Overview of Safety and Health Hazards in Roofing Construction for all legal professionals.

This webinar provided a general overview of the various safety and health hazards that roofing construction workers may be exposed to or encounter.  These include chemical, physical environmental and ergonomic hazards.

Inside Retail Store Safety

TASA ID: 3188

On June 19, 2014 at 2:00 p.m., The TASA Group in conjunction with retail store safety expert Robert Loderstedt presented a free, one-hour, interactive webinar, Inside Retail Store Safety, for all legal professionals.

In this presentation Mr. Loderstedt provided plaintiff and defense attorneys with information about retail store safety for use in premises liability casework.  Attorneys will be able to strengthen their case strategy and approach.  He discussed the typical types of cases that occur in the retail store, the areas where these types of injuries often occur, management issues, and resources for standards within the industry.

A Check List for Investigating/Understanding What Went Wrong in Boat Deaths/Accidents

TASA ID: 361

This webinar was designed to provide the attorney with the most recent information about current investigations of boating deaths and accidents for when they are handling these types of cases. The following topics were covered:

  • The basic causes of boating accidents
  • Where to find information about boating accidents from State, Federal and other sources
  • Boating accident scenarios examined through aspects of engineering and materials
  • Expanded definitions of behavioral factors, as well as examination of accident populations by time, place, age of participants, activities, areas and type of vessels involved

How Safe Are Our Athletic Venues in 2014?


On May 13, 2014, The TASA Group, in conjunction with recreation expert Tom Bowler, presented a free, one-hour webinar, How Safe Are Our Athletic Venues in 2014? for all legal professionals.

This presentation explored the safety concerns of athletic fields and gymnasiums.  Mr. Bowler discussed both the safety codes and regulations on the state and federal level, specific to buffer zones around courts and basketball courts, soccer and baseball fields and padding requirements for goal posts.  He also outlined the safety concerns for bleachers, signage and other safety concerns set by The American College of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association.


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