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Preparing the Case for Safety Through Design

TASA ID: 1334

On January 13, 2015, The TASA Group, in conjunction with safety expert Daniel M. Paine, presented a free, one-hour interactive webinar presentation Preparing the Case for Safety Through Design, for all legal professionals.  During this presentation, Mr. Paine discussed contractor requirements as set by OSHA, compliance duties that are owed to every employee, training requirements, as well as the necessary tools to achieve these goals.  Mr. Paine also presented job site pre-safety and safety planning and how to identify potential safety hazards.  He provided an example of a job/task safety analysis form and give insight as to how this form should be documented.

Passenger Safety: Train and Bus

TASA ID: 1013

On November 20, 2014 The TASA Group in conjunction with transportation safety expert, Carl Berkowitz presented a free, one hour, interactive webinar presentation, Passenger Safety: Train and Bus, for all legal professionals.

This webinar cover common slips, trips and falls in the areas of transportation safety.  The program explored how numerous passengers suffer injuries each year and how those injuries can occur.  

Lifetime Effects: Nonuse/Misuse of Sports Mouth Guards

TASA ID: 265

On November 5, 2014, The TASA Group in conjunction with dental expert, Barry Rosenblatt presented a free, one-hour, interactive webinar presentation, Lifetime Effects: Nonuse/Misuse of Sports Mouth Guards, for all legal professionals.
This webinar discussed how sports injuries differ as a result of custom fit mouth guards. Dr. Rosenblatt also discussed how injuries can have structural impact and lifetime effects and addressed the pros and cons of various mouth guards.

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