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An Introduction to Water Penetration in Housing Developments

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On January 20, 2015, The TASA Group in conjunction with forensic engineering expert James Cohen presented a free one-hour interactive webinar, An Introduction to Water Penetration in Housing Developments, for all legal professionals.

In this presentation, Mr. Cohen discussed the locations and causes of water penetration in housing developments.  We explored the different parties' involvement and responsibilities, including those of the manufacturers, installation professionals and designers. Mr. Cohen presented the investigation process and provided information on mitigating factors to the investigation process, as well as the other types of documentation that can contribute to the investigation.  He also presented the field investigation protocols, field investigation limitations and other considerations that can add to the investigation analysis.   

About the Presenter:
James Cohen has more than 35 years of experience in failure analysis, natural hazard mitigation and response, dynamics, advanced analysis techniques and instrumentation. He has been involved with leak mitigation, demolition, preparation of codes, and standards on wind and seismic loads. Mr. Cohen has also worked with vibration and fatigue testing of major structures, cable design, blast analysis, analysis and inspection of existing facilities, and dynamic and impact analysis. In addition to his other responsibilities, Mr. Cohen is also an active member of numerous professional committees and is a former adjunct professor at Manhattan College where he taught a graduate course in forensic engineering. He has been admitted in court as an expert in structural collapse, engineering investigations, building engineering, concrete, and other related issues.

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