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Intellectual Property Valuation and Royalty Rates: What You Need to Know for Litigation

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On October 8, 2013, at 2:00 p.m., The TASA Group, in conjunction with intellectual property valuation expert Donald Coker, presented a free, one-hour webinar, Intellectual Property Valuation and Royalty Rates: What You Need to Know for Litigation.

This presentation covered four areas of IP valuation:

1.       Types of IP assets, including some you may not have considered

2.       Principles & factors in valuing IP assets

3.       Establishing royalty rates

4.       Patent infringement issues

The webinar also discussed the uses of IP data by the legal industry such as:

  • Sale and purchase of IP assets
  • Mergers and acquisitions involving IP assets
  • Licensing and other contract negotiations
  • Patent infringement issues and litigation
  • Tax matters

About the Presenter:

Donald Coker has 20+ years' experience in management at banks, savings and loans, credit companies, mortgage banking companies, and a governmental financial institution regulatory agency.  He has held positions that include member of the board of directors, executive vice president, senior vice president, manager of lending, manager of mortgage banking, and regulatory supervisory agent, which is tantamount to CEO.  Mr. Coker was a member of the loan committee, executive committee, audit committee, and pension plan board and has served as a corporate officer for various financial institution subsidiaries.

Don has held management responsibilities that included as many as 300 people in 22 locations across ten states and $2 billion (in 2012 USD) in gross assets.  He was directly responsible for originating over 36,000 loans of all types totaling over $5 billion, reviewing over 25,000 real estate appraisals, and reviewing well over 100,000 financial statements and credit reports.

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