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Watercraft Accidents- Background, Analysis, Past Case Review

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This presentation defined what a Personal Water Craft (PWC) is and its history of development.  Dr. Smith will also cover the basic reasons and causes for PWC accidents.  He will discuss the rules, regulations and warnings when operating a PWC.  In conclusion, Dr. Smith will examine studies and statistics associated with PWCs and examine past case histories.

About the Presenter:

Commander  David S. Smith holds a PhD in Education from St. Louis University and a B.S. in Naval Science from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.  He is experienced in litigation cases that involve: boat collisions (Jet Skis); drowning accidents; diving injuries in pools; cervical spine injuries on boats, and injuries from above and in-ground pools as well as at beaches. He will also review accidents involving diving from boats; pool/beach design and construction; water skiing and tubing; white water rafting as well as many other types of aquatic accidents.  Dr. Smith has been retained or consulted in over 500 cases involving aquatics, boating or Jones Act litigation.

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