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Slips, Trips, and Falls - The Human Factors and Engineering Principles


On Tuesday, November 1, 2011, at 2 PM ET, The TASA Group, Inc., in conjunction with Engineering and Human Factors experts Mr. Philip Buckley and Mr. Mark Heidebrecht, presented Slips, Trips and Falls – The Human Factors and Engineering Principles.

Slips/Trips/Falls (STF) are one of the most prevalent causes of injuries sustained by humans. In the US, about 12 million people annually are injured seriously enough from falls to require at least one day of restricted activity or medical attention. Each year, over 1 million people are treated in hospital emergency rooms after being injured from a fall on floors, landings, stairs, and ramps, resulting in over 6,000 deaths. The elderly are especially susceptible to falling; 75% of those who die from a fall are 65 years of age or older. The financial cost can be staggering too. It was reported that in New York City, over $560 million due to STF was paid out in claims during 2010 alone.

During the program, our presenters covered the following topics:
  • What classifies as a Slip, Trip, and Fall event
  • Where most STF hazards are likely to exist
  • What Human Factors techniques can be applied to evaluating STF events
  • The Biomechanics of a STF event
  • The role of aging and other factors on STF events
  • Strategies to help prevent STF events
  • Various Standards that attempt to address STFs
  • Various Testing Devices that can be used to evaluate the potential for a STF

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About the Experts
Phil Buckley, PE, and Mark Heidebrecht, MSE, ACSM, CHFP, have collaborated on numerous cases providing engineering, accident reconstruction, human factors and biomechanical expertise with determining causation of the STF event. Mr. Buckley has a Master of Mechanical Engineer degree and is a registered Professional Engineer. Mr. Heidebrecht is Board-Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists. Combined they have over 60 years of experience in the fields of engineering, accident reconstruction, biomechanics and human factors analysis.


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