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Critical Issues in Bus and Light Rail Vehicle Passenger Safety

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On Thursday, June, 16, 2011, The TASA Group, Inc., in conjunction with transportation and traffic engineering expert Carl Berkowitz, presented a free, one-hour, interatcive webinar, Critical Issues in Bus and Light Rail Vehicle Passenger Safety, for all legal professionals.

Passengers riding a bus or light rail vehicle expect to travel from point A to point B safely. After boarding the vehicle, walking within its environment, and taking a seat, the passenger places his or her fate in the vehicle operator’s hands, and it is a reasonable expectation that the transportation company will take due care of the passenger. This webinar will discuss and identify best practices for safe bus and light rail vehicle passenger operation.

The following topics were covered during the program:
  1. Access and stop design guidelines
  2. Waiting for the vehicle
  3. Boarding and disembarking the vehicle
  4. Passenger on-board safety and security

About the Expert

Carl Berkowitz has extensive, broad-based transportation and traffic engineering experience. Held positions in industry, government and higher education. Plaintiff and defendant expert. Explains complex technical issues, research and safety evaluations. Expertise: pedestrian-passenger; passenger terminal/station; school, transit, commuter bus; subway; light and commuter rail; passengers on track; rail crossing; bicycle and motorcycle; pedestrian-vehicle collision; slip, trip and fall.

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