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Demystifying Daubert: Daubert’s Effect on Your Work as an Expert Witness


While most expert witnesses have heard about the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, few really understand what the decision means. A proper understanding of Daubert can reduce the odds that your testimony will be excluded from trial.

On Tuesday, August 10, 2010, attorneys Craig R. Heidemann and Nathan A. Duncan presented a professional development webinar, Demystifying Daubert: Daubert’s Effect on Your Work as an Expert Witness for all experts. During this program, Craig and Nathan discussed the following:

  • Court decisions leading to Daubert
  • What the court really decided in Daubert
  • Important decisions after Daubert
  • How courts routinely apply the Daubert standard
  • How to respond to a Daubert Challenge and inform future clients of the Daubert Challenge

To view/download the archived recording of this webinar, please click here.  There is a one-time, on-demand fee of $37.50 for the recording.

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