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The ABCs of Expert Witnesses:

Best Practices for Setting Up & Operating Your Expert Witness Business

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On March 3, 2020 at 2:00pm (ET), The TASA Group, in conjunction with transportation engineer, Nazir Lalani, presented a $35, one-hour interactive webinar presentation, The ABCs of Expert Witnesses: Best Practices for Setting Up and Operating Your Expert Witness Business for all expert witnesses

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify five common pitfalls for starting up an expert witness business
2. List ten objectives that must be accomplished for a successful expert business
3. Illustrate best practices for communicating with new and existing clients
4. Discuss  five ways of minimizing overhead expense and streamlining operations
5. Demonstrate five optimum ways to keep a business solvent

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Nazir Lalani, P.E., is President of Traffex Engineers Inc. Ventura, California specializing in transportation engineering for local agencies, technical training and expert witness services. In June 2009, Nazir completed ten years’ service as the Deputy Director of the Ventura County Transportation Department. Nazir has also held local government positions with the Cities of Ventura, California, Lakewood, Colorado, Phoenix, Arizona as well as Santa Barbara County, California. He began his career with the Greater London Council in England. Nazir obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Exeter in Devon, England and Master’s Degree from ASU. He holds engineering licenses in Colorado and California. Nazir is a course instructor and traffic safety expert for UC Berkeley. He was the Institute of Transportation Engineer’s   International President in 1999. Nazir has received numerous awards from ITE including Burton W. Marsh Award, Coordinating Council Special Recognition Award and the ITE Western District Lifetime Achievement Award.

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