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Specialty Focus: Accident Reconstruction


Nailing down the type of expert needed for a specific case can be tumultuous. When looking at a case about an accident, various experts in different specialties can provide applicable information. One such specialty is accident reconstruction.

According to jda-inc.com, "accident reconstruction is a scientific approach to solving the questions of how and why an accident occurred." Experts in this area can rebuild a scene and investigate the events that led up to it. Accidents can occur in different fields: automotive, industrial, and biomechanical, among many others. Having solid research as to why an event occurred can present necessary information in a case. When evaluating repercussions of an accident, such as an injury, one can never have too much research.

TASA's database includes experts from many different specialties. View the full alphabetical list of specialties here. View the Accident Reconstruction specialty here.

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