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Building, Not Relying, on Hope


In order to move forward, one has to devise steps into the future. This is a true sentiment for any matter of life, specifically a company. When starting out, planning out the steps that will make the company successful is daunting. However, the foundation of hope in the background makes this process easier.

Hope is very important to have whether in a business that has been around for 60 years or venturing into a business. Despite this, hope should not be the only virtue that a business is relying on. Instead, it should be an idea that the business can build upon. Having internal hope while implementing changes in the business, or launching a new program leads towards success. Hope is a wish and belief that everything will turn out positively. A business should be built on concrete plans and well-thought-out strategies. Hope is the "why" behind a lot of actions; it should never be relied upon as the "what". 

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