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Why Accepting Help Shows Strength, Not Weakness


"No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you." ~Althea Gibson

It is a common story: an entrepreneur finds success in a new business venture, and praises the supportive individuals around them. Help can come in many different forms: emotional, monetary, and companionship are all forms of support that can come from family members, mentors, or other professionals dedicated to the success of the individual.

It is important to never view help as a weakness, because support from those around you has shaped who you currently are. Your personality is attributed to who you surround yourself with, and these people are the ones that know you the best and what makes you tick. Therefore, help from these individuals is invaluable. 

Most big ventures are a result of the person's hard work, and the encouragement from others. In many books, the dedication speaks of a supportive partner or wise advisor who the author viewed as essential to the book's success. These people out of the limelight were essential to the success of the individual, a sentiment that holds true in all fields.

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